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Student Training
Our training is aimed at making the students getting acquainted with the processes, practices, as well as rigor and complexities of the industrial world.

Interest in Embedded and PLC has recently increased significantly in both the research community and industry, because of its challenges and its potential impact on the development of real-time applications.

Most of all microprocessors are now used for real-time and embedded applications, and the behavior of many of these applications is constrained by the physical world. The original idea behind the HERTZ was to introduce some of the practicalities faced when developing applications using the Mechatronics, Embedded and PLC Programming.

It has often been said that the right tools for the job can make the job a lot easier. This is even more so when one considers the practice of developing real-time applications. When one uses the right tools, suddenly the task at hand becomes easier and quicker to accomplish creating a marked improvement in productivity.
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